There are countless areas in Life that you may want to consider hiring a Coach for, however most of us create our belief systems and values around our individual lives. Every coach has a different style and way in which they may incorporate these 5 areas into your coaching sessions.

  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Health
  • Spiritual


The niche areas that I focus on are Executive/Corporate Coaching, Business Coaching and Life Coaching. Depending on my clients goals, and desires for the session I incorporate elements of the above 5 areas so that I am able to work with my clients more holistically. This helps me work on not only the goals at hand but their life as a whole.

Executive/Corporate Coaching

Business Coaching

Life Coaching

Coach the Coach

I am immensely passionate about also helping other Coaches launch their coaching careers, whether it be through marketing, identifying their ideal clients, pricing and packaging themselves or simply being a sounding board and accountability partner to their success. 

I also offer group coaching and/or mentoring specifically for Coaches wanting to embark upon their ACC/PCC Certifications.

Also available upon request

  • Group coaching
  • Business Consulting
  • Leadership Training
  • Customized Workshops/Training/Coaching
  • Coaching for Kids/Teens (ages 7-18)
  • Coaching for University Students (ages 18-25)

Coaching topics are not restricted to any of the above and can also get very specific depending on your and/or company needs.

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