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How it all started

Our story

About Coach Life Play Life

Divya LV Jegasundaram spent more than 13 years as a successful banker in both the UK and Canada before gaining her certification as a Coach in 2013.

After spending her formative and early professional life in the UK, Divya made the move to Canada where she continued to be the youngest bank manager in her field. Divya noticed the different kinds of challenges that people in the corporate space were going through. What she realized was that, often, colleagues could not reach out for support or in some cases didn’t know where to look for support when they needed to talk to someone further up. She found herself struggling to lean on individuals for support. She was fearful of being criticized for not knowing her job.

Being a goal-oriented person herself, Divya pushed herself to seek support from mentors in the banking world. Eventually, this got Divya thinking and reflecting upon her own success and, much to her surprise, came across coaching.

Upon deciding to leave banking, she started reflecting upon her own success in banking and what support could be given to individuals who were struggling with different areas at work. She noticed the correlation between her own experience in the corporate space and others; the higher up you went, the harder it was to talk to someone for support whether it was work life balance, pressure, conflict amongst colleagues or even assertiveness.

She researched and took the appropriate training to certify herself as a life coach. And as time went on, she acquired further credentials to specialize and equip herself with the skills needed to expand her knowledge in professional coaching. This philosophy was the genesis of Coach Life Play Life Inc which has now become a thriving and pioneering torch bearer in its industry. Coach Life Play Life Inc is very much a reflection of the drive, ingenuity and focus of its CEO, Divya.

Coach Life Play Life has an exceptional track record of working with a diverse range of clients, from individuals to top-level executives and government officials. Their unwavering commitment to building strong relationships in the corporate world has earned them an outstanding international reputation. By partnering with CLPL, you can be assured of receiving unparalleled coaching and guidance to help you achieve your personal, professional and organizational goals.