What is the coaching process?

The process is easy!

Coaching sessions generally take place virtually either by phone or zoom unless it has already been decided that the sessions will occur in person.

Session frequencies are customized according to the clients needs.

Each session will last typically between 60-90 minutes.

We may give my clients weekly assignments, reflective exercises or tools to incorporate within their life and work. These assignments are deemed important to the development of the individual’s coaching progress and should be completed/reviewed before the next coaching session takes place.

A popular choice for many clients has been the option to be in touch with their coach on an ad hoc basis in between sessions.

During your coaching session, there will be no interruption, distraction, noise pollution or missing/rescheduling of the call by either the coach or the client. Both will come prepared for the call and be ready to discuss topics based on the set agenda.

A quiet and non-disruptive location will be chosen for in person sessions.

Our happy customers

We've Helped Many People

Shweta Chheda

Certified Self-Empowerment Coach


Divya has been a coach & a mentor to me from the beginning of my coach journey. What I really like about working with her is that, she is genuinely interested in my growth & development. She builds a great rapport & makes me feel very comfortable, and that is the reason I can easily discuss my deepest issues with her. I owe my hidden abilities of writing & becoming an expert at self-empowerment to her sincere curiosity about my development. She has encouraged me to acknowledge my smallest wins, which in the long run has helped build my self-belief. With her support, I have been courageous enough to start writing articles, & even start my own coaching business!! I will always be grateful that our paths crossed & thank you for always being there for me.

Ajith Anirudan


One cannot but be impressed by the energy you (Divya) got into class, leaving us inspired every single time. I thank Divya for mentoring me through this journey of evolving skills & self alike, to mold me into the best Life Coach I can possibly be. As quoted by Alexandra K Trenfor “The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see”.

Lisa N


I look forward to every encounter I have with DIvya. Her genuine expression for facilitating authentic growth is extremely apparent. She remains professional and composed even in turbulent moments. She is a wealth of knowledge and truly invested in the advancement and wellness of her clients.

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