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Sangeeta is a passionate Burnout Life Coach who is committed to helping clients achieve personal and professional growth. With over 16 years of experience in Education as well, Sangeeta is skilled in providing personalized burnout coaching services and developing individualized plans to meet client ’s needs. She is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in all aspects of coaching.

Brief History

With over 16 years in Education, Sangeeta gained vast experience in the areas of time management , work life balance, stress management and overcoming burnout . As a Certified Burnout Coach, Sangeeta helps clients work towards identifying which areas of their life is causing them stress and overwhelm while addressing burnout and living a more balanced life.

Coaching Style

Sangeeta’s holistic and mindful coaching style includes powerful questioning combined with developing self-awareness that allows clients to mitigate the obstacles they may face and achieve their goals through small, sustained steps.


With a BA in Primary Education specializing in Mathematics and a Certified Life Coach, Sangeeta has a strong understanding of the realities of working in education, the struggles educators face, the challenges they go through and the physical, mental and emotional burnout educators go through. She uses this understanding to empower individuals to break through barriers, stay focused while tapping into their innermost potential, and achieve their deepest ambitions.


Some of Sangeeta’s qualifications are:
– BA in Primary Education
– Certified Life Coach
– Level 3 Teacher Professional
– Development Mentor
– Level 4 Risk Assessment Assessor