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Zara is an ICF certified and accredited coach (ACC – Associate Certified Coach) with over 150 hours of coaching experience. She combines her knowledge of Life & Success Coaching, Neuro- Linguistic Programming and Energy Coaching to create the most impactful, long-lasting results for her clients.

Brief History

Over the years, Zara has achieved many skills within the coaching domain. She has acquired skills in the areas below:
– Neuro-Linguistic Programming
– Active Listening
– Burnout and Balance Coaching
– Leadership and Executive Coaching
– Self-Love Coaching

Coaching Style

Zara has made it her life’s mission to support people as they go through pivot able moments in their life and career , rediscover themselves and learn new and empowering beliefs and habits; thought and language patterns.


Zara has qualified as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She also has a Life Coach Certification with Master NLP Practitioner with the Clique Coaching Academy.
She also qualified as an NLP Practitioner in Emotional Freedom, Technique Practitioner and Hypnotherapist .


Career Coach for Up with Women where she provided 1-on-1 career and life coaching to help women and gender diverse individuals exit poverty. Zara also empowers women to build self-worth, confidence, resilience and courage to progress forward and pursue career and life opportunities.
Founder & Life Pivot Coach for The Great Move where she helps clients achieve their goals, transform their beliefs, create new identity, and shift from burn-out to a fulfilled and balanced life. Zara also works with clients on developing self-love, selfwor th and self-compassion as their discover their new identity.